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Want your packaging AND the environment protected?


Want your packaging AND the environment protected?

We’re fighting to protect our planet and it will take input from everyone, including businesses to protect the future of our world. 

At ITIS Packaging&Printing Ltd, we are helping businesses replace harmful plastic packaging by offering sustainable packaging options, just like Pulp. 

Pulp is a packaging material made from recycled waste paper that can be moulded around your product. The beauty of Pulp is that it can be recycled time and time again and still be used to create high quality, robust packaging. 

To ensure that Pulp protects your delicate product(s) during transit and storage, we design and test pulp packaging to ensure that it can absorb all types of impacts. In short, shake, rattle or roll, Pulp can withstand it all! 

Switch it up. Get in touch at market@szitis.com or call my mobile directly on +86-13632644327 to discuss your new pulp packaging and how we can design, mould, test and have it ready within 5-7 days. In fact, we can offer your FREE samples to trial!

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