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luxury cosmetics paper boxes packaging

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Although recyclability is a new buzzword in the luxury packaging industry, the (Luxe Pack trade show) Special Open Award at the luxury Packaging Trade Show has been awarded to a rather ancient technology: recyclable cardboard. The award was organized in partnership with Infinity Global and won by ESKA. The company has been engaged in the production of recycled boards for 130 years. 

The award was awarded to ESKA jeans, made of 50 per cent recycled cardboard fiber and 50 per cent recycled jeans [1] fiber. These prints are made of water-based inks. 

The origins of Eska can be traced back to two textile mills, (Hoogezand) and (Sappemeer), in the Netherlands in the 19th century, which were founded by entrepreneurs who saw prospects for straw board production in Hugzander and Shapel. However, the history of the straw board industry is characterized by bad times after good times, depending on the availability of straw. This is why recycled paper was used as a raw material in 1934. In 1970 and 1971, factories turned entirely to recycled paper as raw materials. 

Today, Eska produces new solid panels at its historic factory in the northern Netherlands.The fiber for recycled jeans is collected from a recycling network. The production base uses natural gas to reduce its carbon footprint. Eska aims to further reduce the impact on the environment by 2020, reducing waste by 75 per cent and natural gas consumption by 30 per cent. The company produces 250000 tons of cardboard a year and provides luxury packaging of different quality, all certified by FSC and PEFC. 

In view of the success of the event in Paris, the, Luxe Pack Edition Speciale will be held in the same place again next year (26 and 27 May 2020), but the venue is slightly larger. 

Zalando hopes to make the transport of its packages more sustainable. The online fashion platform is planning to pilot reusable packaging. Customers can return the carrier (cartons or plastic bags) to Zalando, for reuse by the German e-commerce company. 

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High quality cosmetic paper packaging box

Packaging must be part of the company's vision and become Europe's leading sustainable fashion platform, Zalando said in an article on its website. Seventy-five percent of European consumers say the sustainability of packaging affects their buying decisions, according to a study. 

Smart Karton Inc, a packaging solutions company in the packaging and shipping industry, won the Electronic Commerce Honor Award at the Dow Packaging Innovation Award in 2019. The Dow Industry Award recognizes the world's highest achievements in innovative packaging design, materials, technology and craftsmanship. 

Smart Karton is recognized for its patent "all-paper packaging", a leading two-in-one packaging and transportation solution that saves time, money and the environment. Jack Loynd (Jack Loynd), president of the company, said: "to be among the packaging giants such as Procter & Gamble, Henkel (Henkel), L'Or é al (L'oreal), LG (Reckitt Benckiser) and Danone (Danone). It's an honor for a small company like Smart Karton. " 

Smart Karton's All Paper Pack uses sticky paper to eliminate the need for polystyrene foam peanuts, plastic air cushions and other fillers. All cartons are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for automatic machinery used in the current industry. The sticky paper of the product is easy to fold to ensure the safety of the items in the box and to provide a professional display when the customer opens the box. The use of intelligent Catton intelligent packaging machine, paper can be manually folded, fully automatic folding, saving the valuable labor of large distribution centers. All Paper Pack also helps businesses achieve their commitment to sustainable development by reducing the impact of packaging materials on the environment. 

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cosmetics boxes luxury packaging Price

(TMR), a transparent market research firm, provided key insights into the luxury box market in its recent report entitled "luxury Box Market: global Industry Analysis 2013-2018 and opportunity Assessment 2019-2027". In terms of value, the global luxury box market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.1 per cent over the forecast period. 

Growth in the global market has been driven by growing demand for luxury packaging boxes in the beauty and personal care, beverage and electronic packaging industries.Europe is estimated to be the largest luxury box market. The development of industry, the improvement of living standards and the high income of the people of European countries have played an important role in the development of European luxury box market.Europe is expected to become the largest consumer base for luxury cosmetics and alcoholic beverages. The cosmetics and personal care end-user industry has increased its market share in the global packaging market and is expected to increase demand for luxury boxes. 

Embossing is considered a highly pursued process to increase the final stroke of packaging.

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