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Everybody, look here, look here. If you are looking for a velvet jewelry gift box, I believe these boxes are what you want. Customize your own jewelry box with your own special logo, which can improve your brand influence in the jewelry industry. A high-quality and low-priced jewelry box can improve your economic efficiency, while the gift jewelry boxes are made of recycled paper also protects the environment.

So what is such a special jewelry gift box like? This high end velvet jewelry gift box is made by 100% recyclable high quality materials, ribbon handle makes the box easier to open and better display your good jewelry.

This box can be used to package earrings, rings and pendants, only the cutting process of foam velvet inner is different. You can customize one style jewelry gift box with your own logo for different productions, such as earrings, rings and pendants. Because this velvet jewelry gift box is very practical and affordable, it is very popular on the market in many countries. Luxurious and beautiful gift box packaging will promote people's desire to buy and further increase your brand awareness.


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