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Indian President Ramnat Covend (Ram Nath Kovind) was sworn in Modi's new cabinet, he decided to put the water bottle in a special white handmade paper bag. To the dignitaries present at the ceremony. 

The little-known Jaipur Kumarappa National Institute for handmade Papermaking, (KNHPI), moved quickly to provide more than 700 custom bags, just as the president had requested. These are not simple handmade paper bags. This is the first product made from 20% recyclable disposable plastic waste, which is welded to cotton cloth to form a reusable handbag. 

This is the story of May 2019. As early as August 2018, KNHPI--, an autonomous research and development organization for handmade papermaking under the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) of the Ministry of Micro and small Enterprises, suffered huge losses. In fact, it is on the brink of closure. On his way to Rajasthan's KNHPI division to announce the closure of its loss-making business, KVIC chairman Vic Saxena (VK Saxena) walked through a Narar blocked by plastic bags. 

"it's an ugly sight that bothers me. I feel that urgent measures must be taken to deal with this increasingly widespread plastic threat. "I went to KNHPI, and said that if they couldn't create something valuable, I would shut it down because all the plastic junk clogged the nallah outside. At first, they simply said it was impossible. I refused to budge, and it worked. The plastic waste is collected, sent to the ward, cleaned, chopped, mixed with cotton cloth, processed by a machine, and then rolled out of the first piece of plastic paper. " Saxena recalls. 

British Columbia's liquor distribution department is planning to replace its unique plastic bags, which are thicker than grocery store bags, with paper bags. 

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Spokesman Viviana Zanocco said: "We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and to providing customers with responsible recyclable cash bags." 

The Liquor Distribution Branch is one of the largest wine retailers and distributors in Canada, with annual sales of US $3.5 billion.The company also distributes about 22 million plastic bags a year. 

According to a proposal released earlier this month, the company is now looking for suppliers who can meet the requirements of the branch's paper bags, which can be supplied to customers and charged "environmental fees". 

These requirements include: the bag must be between 16 and 17 inches high, 9.75 inches wide and 6 inches deep; made of natural Kraft paper; 100% recyclable and compostable;More importantly, in practical applications, it can withstand a load of 7.5 kg without fracture. This is equivalent to six bottles of wine or six bottles of beer and two bottles of wine. 

The shift will apply to all 197 government-run liquor stores in British Columbia. 

Stores in five cities, including Tofino, Victoria, Ucluelet, Salmon Arm and Cumberland, have switched to paper bags, Zanocco said. 

"the response from customers was very positive," she said. 

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That night, McQueen creative director Sarah Burton (Sarah Burton), actors Eddie Redmayne (Eddie Redmayne) and Rupert Flanders (Rupert Friend), shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood (Nicholas Kirkwood), fashion journalist Tim Blanks (Tim Blanks), Curator Andrew Bolton (Andrew Bolton) and host of the evening's model, athlete and activist Amy Mullins (Aimee Mullins) gathered among a large number of shining supporters. Star-studded events occupied the venue at the annual Lapada Art and Antiques Fair (LAPADA Art and Fair). Participants sipped champagne between antiques and works of art on the first floor, then went upstairs to the tavern to enjoy a menu designed by Chef Mark Hicks (Mark Hix).

Above the three-room-long table hung the charming installation of designer Emma Witter, made up of hovering tools and materials to pay homage to the foundation's cause. Vettel said of her sculpture: "I imagine piles of objects hanging over diners, landing on the table, showing the craftsmen's utensils." She makes brushes, film cans and jewellery manufacturers' gems out of paper and cardboard. "it's so interesting to see workspaces, tools and toolkits, and finished work in the artist's studio," Witt comments."We have enriched the idea of making each cloud represent a different area of technology. The idea extends to diners themselves, who sit on a hodgepodge of wooden chairs and receive custom embroidered aprons. It can be said that this is a completely immersed in the studio feeling. 

However, the art on display at the Salabander booth in Labada is undoubtedly a bright spot.Artists sponsored by the foundation over the years include Mircea Treaga (Mircea Teleaga), Jonah Ponzer (Jonah Pontzer) and Michaela Ilwood Dan (Michaela Yearwood-Dan). Swag bag's content is almost as creative.

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