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When buying skin care products, we will study the ingredients and find out the formula that is the least harmful to our health. But what impact will this product have on the environment? 

More and more brands are beginning to focus on low-hazard, zero waste or environmentally friendly packaging. Here's what you need to know to be a more conscious consumer. 

Environmentally friendly packaging is concerned about whether containers containing skin care formula are biodegradable, made of recycled materials, or recyclable. This can be a challenge because products need to be kept safe, clean and undisturbed packaging. 

"Biodegradable materials. This is followed by their own challenges, "said Dr Erum Ilyas, a dermatologist." "these materials need to maintain the stability of products containing water or oil." 

The fact is that cosmetics themselves may damage packaging prematurely, resulting in shorter shelf life. 

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However, glass and metal containers are completely recyclable. "these products are a good choice," Ilyas said. The challenge is often the pump. "these are usually combinations of plastic and metal springs, and of course they can be installed on metal or glass bottles," Ilyas said. " 

In some ways, environmentally friendly packaging can also help customers avoid certain chemicals if this is a problem. 

"it should be pointed out that in recent years, people have begun to worry about whether the chemicals in plastic packaging will be harmful to our health. Think of BPA and phthalates. These chemicals are considered to be endocrine disruptors and possible carcinogens. 

The best option is "no waste" packaging, which does not necessarily mean that there is no packaging at all. 

"technically, 'waste-free' means that no part is sent to landfills, oceans or incinerated products. I think this is a 'waste management' goal to minimize the amount of waste generated, "Ilyas said." 

Recyclable packaging materials include biodegradable paper or cardboard, metal containers, glass bottles and glass bottles. Biodegradable paper is often used in packing boxes and outer packaging of products. 

"Biodegradable paper is usually coated with potatoes or corn (rather than plastic)," Ilyas said. " 

"We all know how much waste there is in just one beauty product. The box it enters is followed by the container itself (at least). In fact, only a small number of the products you take off the shelves are available. ""Sustainable packaging can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in our environment and reduce the amount of waste plastics-the EPA estimates that only 9.5% of waste plastics were recycled in 2014." 

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In addition, have you ever used a product that is packed in a container that makes you feel impossible to empty? Does it look like it was designed to stop your fingers from sticking out? 

"the reality is that some products make it hard for you to finish the last drop. This is not good for our skin care budget and the environment.Although bottles with pumps can help us measure the exact number of products we need on a daily basis, it makes sense to choose the products in the jar or the container to open the lid so that you can get these products. " 

Ilyas further explained that many products (such as moisturizers, hand sanitizers, some shampoos, etc.) are designed to make it easier to pump up the exact number of products needed. And keep the product "clean" by reducing hand contact and reducing bacterial contact. 

When Katon Manufacturing was founded in 2008, a survey found an increase in the number of companies operating products that needed packaging. These fledgling companies are trying to find the right way to package their products in order to enter the market safely. 

Emmanuel Mukenga, marketing manager at Katon, says there needs to be a specific way of packaging. 
"at that time, there might be another option, which is kaveera, but some say it won't work, and the other option is to wrap it in paper, in this case, a corrugated carton," Mulenga said. "

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