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According to Black Enterprise, Beans & Cornbread, a Detroit-based soul food restaurant, will provide African-American facts for Black History month. 

Shoebox lunch, made of southern fried chicken, is packed in decorative cardboard boxes emblazoned with famous black characters or historical facts. They mimic the boxes that African-Americans use to store food when traveling in the apartheid south.During apartheid, many people of color prepared and packaged food because they were denied service in white-only restaurants. 

Patrick Coleman, the owner of the bean and corn bakery, said the idea was inspired by the story of apartheid he heard from his mother and grandmother. 

Cardboard boxes are being promoted as a safe alternative to baby sleep, replacing more traditional cribs, cradles or Moses baskets, but there is no evidence, experts in the British Medical Journal warned today. 

In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, Peter Blair (Peter Blair), a (University of Bristol) professor at the University of Bristol, and his colleagues argued that in the absence of conclusive evidence, "Cardboard cribs should not be advertised as a safe sleeping space, but should be used as a temporary alternative when nothing else is available." 

They called for high-quality research "to better understand how families use cardboard box babies and their safety effects." 

In Finland, every pregnant woman has received cardboard boxes of babies since the 1930s. Their mattresses can be stuffed into the bottom of the box and are said to help reduce sudden infant death (SIDS). 

But Blair and his colleagues believe there is no evidence that these boxes reduce sudden infant death (sudden infant death rates are also low in small island developing States in neighboring countries that do not have boxes, such as Sweden and Denmark). They questioned whether the boxes met safety standards. 

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They point out that, cots (bars and raised surfaces) and cradles or Moses baskets (lower on both sides) allow babies to be easily promoted by parents can also promote air flow, while cartons (with their higher opaque faces) do not. Paramedics can see the baby only from directly in the box to ensure that their child is safe. 

They say there are other potential problems with cardboard baby boxes. For example, some boxes have lids and may be flammable (especially if they are not stacked), and if placed on the floor, they are vulnerable to low levels of air flow, domestic pets and young siblings. 

Delivery has never been more convenient.With a few clicks, you can buy a new bottle of shampoo outside the door the next day, or the cool t-shirt you've been watching on Etsy. But when these things arrive at your door, they are likely to be placed in an oversized box filled with wasteful packing. 

That's why Minnesota-based materials company 3M is releasing a new package that doesn't require tape and fillers and can be customized to fit any object under 3 pounds.About 60% of all items purchased and shipped online are items under 3 pounds, 3M said. 3M claims that the material, called Flex & Seal Shipping Roll, reduces packaging time, the number of packaging materials and the space required to transport packages. 

Let's face it: there's nothing worse than moving. From packing all your things to carrying bulky boxes, this is not the most enjoyable task. Fortunately, the best moving boxes can make your work more efficient so that you can tide over the difficulties and enjoy your new home. 

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When looking for a mobile box, it is important to consider the room that needs to be packed.A box that suits your kitchen may not be suitable for your home office. For example, you want to be extra careful with fragile plates and glasses, so you need to look for boxes with special inserts to hold fragile items. On the other hand, such insertions are too restrictive for documents that you need to package in the office. In this case, the file bin is probably the best. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the storage of your new place. While environmentally friendly mobile trash bins are important, they may not work if you move in and you don't have a place to store them. Depending on the space in your new home, you may only need traditional cardboard boxes and a roll of packing tape. 

No matter which way you go, it is important to choose the best moving box according to your situation. Here are some of the best options to help you through a moving day easily. 

The roll is made of three different layers of plastic developed by 3M, including a gray internal adhesive layer (you'll see why later). There is also an intermediate buffer layer, which appears to be similar to bubble packaging to protect items during transportation, and a stronger outer layer that is torn and waterproof.

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